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Friends for Leisure Hot 100!
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The Heat is On

Friends for Leisure is looking for 100 people to each raise £100 within 100 days.
When we reach our goal, we will have raised £10,000!

A fantastic help towards providing the activities and friendships that we
know young disabled people want.

Will you join the Hot 100 and play your part?

You choose your
100 days

You choose how you want
to raise the money

Will you go
it alone?

Will you join in
with others?


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Share your fundraising ideas...

Whatever you choose to do, you will make a great
contribution to Friends for Leisure

Some suggestions...


  • Silence
  • Swim
  • Walk
  • Bike Ride
  • Book Reading
  • Shave off your hair
  • Aerobics-a-thon
  • Zumba-a-thon

Pay to join in

  • Non-uniform day
  • Dress-down day
  • Dress up day
  • Fancy dress day
  • Bad Hair day
  • Bad tie day

With others you could

  • Have a battle of the bands
  • Bag-pack at the supermarket
  • Cake bake sale
  • Fun run
  • Car boot sale

Some of our very kind supporters

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